My Journey

Well... let's just start with saying I don't think I was ever the smallest kid in the room.

See that little chubby belly sticking out?

As the years went on, and the house was void of most snack foods, I found other ways to get my fix.  Binge eating at friend's houses, the local pool, movies, etc.  

Middle school hit and I'm not even going to talk about how awkward I looked.  Yikes.  But the pounds were starting to add up.  I started being unable to wear the brands my friends were wearing and it was rough.  Really, really rough.  I was still in softball and volleyball, and doing well, but my softball coached joked that I hit the ball so far because I needed more time to get around the bases.  Yeah.

Yeah, that dude on the right is me.  Ugh.

High school?  Yeah, still heavy.  I tried the Atkins diet because it was decently popular at the time.  I lost some pounds, started to feel better because smaller clothes were coming into play, but as with all 'diets' the pounds just came back on shortly after I tried to 'maintain'.  In high school, I also stopped playing all of the sports I love.  But that story is for another day.  

My family loved me and was concerned.  They tried teaching me all I needed to know to be successful and I heard them, but didn't listen.  We had an entire gym in our basement and I rarely used it.  FTW!

College was a different story, of course the freshman 15...or more...was packed on it really started to get to me.  I HAD to change something.  I hit my heaviest of 220 about the summer after freshman year.

Finally...finally!!!  I moved out of the dorms and into a place where I had a kitchen and could make my own meals!  I know I wasn't perfect, but I ate way better.  The gym, although further away, was still free and still amazing.  I started getting there at 6am when it opened, working out, showering, heading to classes all day, and then coming home and possibly heading back that evening.  We did two-a-days in volleyball, why couldn't I in real life?  

I was finally making progress.

The first picture I remember thinking, wow...I'm doing it!!!

My family was rooting for me...hardcore.  You would think my friends would too, right?  Well, not so much.  I had some friends that were my biggest cheerleaders, but I also had some friends who showed enough interest to not be rude, but were just not helping me along.  I don't know exactly what their reasons were, but they had some and stuck to them.

Only your best friend and biggest fan writes how many days you've been alive!
(giant cookie = before I started trying to lose) 
Love. Her.

Let's do the time warp.  You put your hands on your hips...and pull your knees in tiiii...oh, wrong kind.  Sorry.  Lot's of memories with that song and another big fan of mine...roomie!

So, I dropped a good 40lbs. and was so happy!  I remember going shopping and bringing home size 12 jeans (from 18)!   But then, as everyone says, life happened.  I started student teaching, which was grueling.  I mean, no nothin'.  Wrapped up college, moved out on my own, started subbing and working retail, and although I belonged to a gym, it was not a place I liked to be.  It was dark, drab, old, filled with the elderly, out of date, etc.  Not exactly motivating.

All the while, the weight started to creep back up again.  I never broke 200 again, if I had I probably would have just committed suicide, but I knew something had to change. Again.  

I met my Mr. Handsome and he became another fan in the stands for me.  He got me back into the swing of things and we started getting out to play tennis, hit softballs, go for walks and hikes, etc.  

Rico Suave and his gal

Did I mention I live within walking distance to a 500 acre park in the middle of the city?!  Love it. But don't use it.  Should use it. WILL use it!   Anyways, he joined a new gym in the neighborhood and although it cost more than where I was going, after one visit, I was in love.  Swwwwooooooooonnnn.

Now > college sophomore

So now we are in pretty much present day.  I am at my lowest weight ever (about to hit 60lbs lost!) and I'm still working on it.  I ran my first 5K with my amazing mother back in May and a 10K is on the calendar for September.  I feel great about my body, who I am, and where I'm headed.  

I'm still learning can never stop learning...


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