Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look Under the Table

Tomorrow is the first day of school!!!  OMG. HOLY COW. YIKES.  I'll leave it at that.

So, recently I've been mentioning this 'wagon.'  You know, that wagon that is exactly what you 'want' to be doing at all times.  We fall off, we get back on, we fall off, we get back on, we fall off, we get bruised and scraped, then we try to get back on again.  Today was my day to get back on.  I fell off for about 2 weeks, yikes!  From my heaviest, I had lost a nice 30ish lbs. in a good hearty streak, then student teaching and moving to the city and such actually put about 10 back on me.  But, since about March or so, I dropped that added 10, plus 30ish more; a few weeks ago I was a few pounds shy of a complete total loss of 60!  Then I hit a bump in the road (also known as life), got thrown off of the wagon, and I seriously feel like I've gained 10 lbs. in 2 weeks!  So this has been my longest off wagon time in quite a while...

There are so many people, books, magazines, articles, etc. that say, "Don't worry about the number...it's all about how you feel!"  So, putting aside any numbers the scale may say, I FEEL like I've gained 10 lbs.  Therefore, my wagon mounting was scheduled for today.  Good eats and gym time all the way.  Ready. Go.

I showed up to school with my lunch box packed full of salad, fruit, veggies, and granola.  We find out at our morning meeting that pizza will be ordered for us for lunch (since everyone was in a frenzy with last minute touches to rooms, curriculum, etc.).  Ok, I can deal with that... as much as I love pizza, I ate a reasonable amount and was proud of myself!  Then I went to see the faculty room (our whole school was remodeled so it was finally done...and beautiful!)  There was candy in 3 separate baskets, individual packages of cookies (Nutter Butters, Oreos, etc.), and butter popcorn ready to be popped on the microwave.  The ladies who decorated and left it all are amazing women from our Missouri support team, so nothing against them, but why can't the whole world just all decide to make good choices???

Now here is the kicker.  There was a staff surprise scheduled for 3pm.  We show up, and the same lovely ladies planned an ice cream bar for us.  Sheesh.  Thanks ladies, but no thanks.  I'd be happy with a high 5.

Why does it have to be this hard???

I left school ASAP to make it to the gym. YAY!  I had yoga and spin planned out and I was looking forward to them all day.  Seriously!  To my dismay, either from stress, dehydration, sugar or all of the above, I developed an intense headache that I cursed for many hours leading up to the gym.  I wanted to go so badly :(  I still went, hoping yoga would make it go away...although it helped a little, it was still pretty killer so I skipped spin.  But you know what?  I still see that as a plus, not a minus!  Yeah, I didn't take one of the classes I had planned on taking, but I did make it TO the gym (which has been hard to do these last 2 weeks) and I took a class even though I had a killer headache.

Today's Lesson Learned:
Sometimes you are so pumped to get back on the wagon, then someone screw drivers your knee and you fall flat on your face.  Tomorrow is a new day, take pride in even small accomplishments, and check under the table for any strangers with screw drivers tomorrow when you climb back on your wagon.


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