Thursday, July 21, 2011


It sure is a scorcher here in the 'burgh!  Heat index over 100 yesterday, today, tomorrow, and who knows for how long.  I saw a picture somewhere that said "Satan called; he wants his weather back."  HA!

Today started with a nice breakfast with the Keefer and we both got the breakfast buffet.  Needless to say, we were in, full, and out within what seemed like 15 minutes.  Buffets can be scary because they are soooo all you can eat, but I take the approach of having just a bite or two of all the things I want; in the end, I'm satisfied and haven't gorged myself.

Gorging however, came into play at lunch.  Not actual gorging, but maybe a bit more than I should have.  I met up with a new friend of mine from my retail job and we've been talking about how much she wants to try pizza around the 'burgh.  She met the right girl.  I. love. pizza.  Before this blog, I debated starting one called Pittsburgh Pizzas (or something a little more catchy...any ideas?) Where I would go on and on about all of the new pizzas I try.  They would get rated, papparazzi-ed, and most importantly, tasted!  Today we ended up at Mineo's.  Their walls, plastered with awards, should tell you something (wish I had a picture!).  It is amazing.  It's definitely not an eat every day kind of pizza, but definitely one of favorites.  See, I could write a whole post about it!  Maybe I'll still start that blog in the ideas please!  We ordered a large pizza and when I went up the counter to pick it up, and asked for plates, the guy asked me how many.  When I said 2, a nice old man standing there was like, "Wow, that's alot of pizza for just two young girls!"  I just responded with, "We love our pizza and we're going to try our best!"  Needless to say, we had to wrap up the extras in boxes for both of us and headed out.  I planned on dropping the extras of to Momsy, but no lie, she was sitting at the stop light right outside the pizza place.  So she got curbside service from a loving daughter :)

On to Razzy Fresh!  YUM.  It was consumed wayyy to fast to snap a pic.  Remember the heat wave?  Yeah.  Banana and cake batter, nuts, strawberries, kiwi, drizzle of honey (it gets so gooooey!), and my usual 1 tiny glob of cookie dough.  I'm cool like that.

But alas, my belly was full and my body was craving some cardio.  Met up with Momsy, felt super empowered after kick boxing, stuck around and killed some time until BodyPump (a great explanation from Casandra through Gina's blog) with the Brudda.  He is doing such a great job at the gym...seeing some results and looking great!

I'm a schweaty mess, full from my mango banana green monster smoothie and tuckered out.

Run time in the AM! If...a big IF...the heat wave doesn't kill me.  Yay.

Points to ponder:
Pizza blog name ideas?

What's your favorite thing to do when it's 8.43 million degrees outside?


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