Thursday, July 28, 2011

Plan to Make a Plan

I kind of failed on the whole pictures of my food thing today.  Whoops.  I was busy, alright?!?  Gimmie a break, I'm still new at this :)  Eggs, whole wheat french toast, and turkey bacon for bfast, cucumber/tomato/onion salad for lunch, an iced coffee, a couple bites of my left over burger from yesterday for lunch, and a protein shake and some Asian snack mix for dinner.  My day was wacky, so my eating was too.  Eh...tomorrow is a new day!  Which reminds me... I need to plan it out...

This is super easy, lasts in the fridge, and yummy!  I just make a huge bowl and snack on it through the week.  This bowl was about 3 cucumbers, 2 tomatos, and 1 vadallia onion.  Cut them up, and toss it with  some olive oil, rice vinegar, salt, pepper and a little dash of sweetner (I like to use agave nectar).  I would list measurements, but it's all about personal taste!  I like mine tangy but Keefer likes it a little more mild.  

So, anyways, planning.  We all need to do it, some try a little more than others, and there is a decent handful that plan correctly and see everything through successfully.  Personally, I try to make a plan, but I am flexible and resourceful when it might not go 'as planned.'  I would have to say that part of the successes that I have reached, were because of planning.  After a while, what used to be a planned activity becomes a habit and that is an amazing thing.  When you were little, your parents had 'made plans' for you to brush your teeth before you went to bed, but after a while, it just became a habit because it was planned so often and it was also planned predictably.  The same goes for healthy living!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect.  I'm not a robot, I'm a real girl!  I promise.  Pinky promise.  But, I do try my best to do as I should.  When I talked before about planning out your workout, I mentioned how group fitness really aids in that process, but you don't have to have a class to have a plan.  Every night before I go to bed I plan out what is happening the next day; which job I have to be at when, what/how/when I'll be eating, and most importantly; when I will be exercising.  Mom has been telling me for yeaaaaarrrssss, "Exercising has to be like brushing your just do it!"  Thanks momsy, it finally clicked for me  :)

When I plan to go for a run in the morning before work, I kind of actually get myself psyched up for it, I look forward to it, and it's not so hard to wake up when you're looking forward to something.  Yeah, it's a mind game...but it's definitely a game I'm willing to play!

For example, let me walk you through how my planning will go for my day tomorrow.  I work at 7am until noon (weird short truck shift) and then I will head to babysit from 2pm until late into the evening.  Maybe 10ish?  First up, when will I work out??!?!  I'm all about getting up early, but I just got home from BodyPump and Kickboxing and working out again less than 12 hours later after all that stress is a bit much for the 'ol body.  Babysitting is out near the mall so I can't go would be ok to rest tomorrow, it wouldn't ruin my life, but guess what!?  They have OnDemand!  Did you know about all of the FREEEE exercise videos OnDemand?  You must check it out.  Go. Now. Leave a comment about what you found!  When the kids go down to bed, I'll pull up a workout on the TV and use the living room.  Task planned.

Now on to the food... breakfast is easy because I'll be at home and I'll probably have one of my favorite and staple breakfasts on the go:  peanut butter french toast!

Like my plate?  I told you I don't do glam.

Mallory's Famous French Toast
- 1 slice Trader Joe's 7 grain french toast (cooked in toaster)
- 1 Tb. natural peanut butter
- Generous sprinkle of ground flax seed
- Generous sprinkle of slivered almonds
- Light drizzle of honey

Lunch will have to happen on the road because I'll be done at work and I'll be starving if I wait to get to babysitting.  So, I'm planning out right now, a trip to Qdoba.  I have a super special ninja meal I get that is delicious, cheap, a good choice, and oh so ninja.  Check back tomorrow for the deets.  But shhhhh...keep it on the DL.

Dinner.  Now that is tricky.  I have a few options here.  I could pack something to take with me (probably the best option) or hope they have something there that would fall into my 'good choice' category.  Knowing myself, and my 'eat it all now because you may never see it again' binge streaks (which are at their worst when I babysit), I am deciding now, right here for the world to see, to pack myself a dinner.  Yeah, it takes a few extra minutes of my time.  But you know what?  It's worth it.  Like, 134 times a million worth it.  I'll go to babysitting with the mind set that I brought my good choice with me, and nothing is going to bring me down!

So there you go, that's how my mind works.  I personally believe that the 5 minutes I just took planning out at least an outline of my day tomorrow will really benefit me in the long run.  Yeah, I'll still have to reel in the binge monster when I get to babysiting, and it will be a challenge, but I'm hoping by bringing my own food, I'll be consistently reminding myself what I'm working towards.  That's my plan anyway.

Today's lesson learned:
Make a plan.  The plan might not go as planned; it might even derail into oblivion, but at least you have got your mind going in the right direction.  Working without a plan, all willy nilly and such, can and will lead to bad choices.  Who wants those?  Not this girl.


  1. This comment goes along with both this entry and the "It Doesn't Have to be Glamorous" entry.

    I know exactly what you mean about the working retail. It makes it even more tempting when there's the Auntie Ann's pretzel shop outside of your shop door.

    I've been finding myself trying to plan my day out each day. With Back to School Season, hours are insane. Like today, I work this evening 4-9:30 (not as insane as other days), but I'm going to lunch with my best friend who just had her baby a month ago. So I planned to get up early (i got up 15 minutes after my alarm went off), had a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter on it, worked out to my Jillian Michaels DVD, and then am going to lunch at (oh it's terrible because there's so many good carby options, but I'm going to try to be good) Olive Garden. From there, I'll go up to the mall and work on school work until time for work, and then take one of my small Lean Cuisine meals I have to have for dinner on my 15 I have.

    You're totally right about the plan though!

    Can you use anything else in that cucumber salad thing in place of onion (i'm not a huge onion fan)?

  2. @Bridget Anne

    Keep making those will get easier as it becomes more of a habit!

    Don't forget about the bagillions of free exercise videos on Comcast and FiOS on demand if you want to switch it up.

    You can just make it without the onion if you want. I actually usually make it without the tomatoes but put them in for Keith that particular time. Don't be afraid to play around with it to make it yummy!


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