Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photoshoot Phun

Today's food?  Pizza and fro-yo.  Yeah, I'm pretty much going to call it a scratch and move on with my life.

Not to mention, my usual Saturday morning gym plans (BodyPump and Spin) were cancelled because I was having photos taken.  I know, I'm a star!    Chelsey is starting a small photography company and needs to build up her portfolio, so Momsy, Brudder and I thought it would be fun to have some photos taken!  The last time bro and I had professional pictures taken, we were both seniors in high school.  Before that?  Probably some Easter pictures from Sears when we were 7.  No joke.

So anyways, we bounced around the 500 acre park near my house, had a few outfit changes, and got some really nice shots.  I even took a couple to spruce up the blog!  Hopefully a new header/banner will be coming soon!  :D

That's how we ended up getting pizza; Chels did such a great job that she had to be treated to some of the best pizza around and that is just exactly what we did.  Plus, we needed a chance to flip through some shots!

Chelsey later instagramed this picture and I got jealous that the Android market doesn't offer it.  But, I'll get over it.  Maybe.

Small flash back...Chels and I had a photo shoot back in college and it was soooo much fun!




Today's lesson learned:
Sometimes you just need to forget the weekly grind, forget about all of the stuff you fixate on, get outside with people you love, have a blast taking pictures and eat pizza.  And fro-yo.  And then want more fro-yo when you disappointed yourself in fro-yo flavor/topping choices.

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  1. To check out photo's from the shoot go here...


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