Saturday, July 23, 2011

Purse Interest

One of my biggest fans, Chelsey, is someone I can not talk to for a few weeks (even though I think about calling her daily and for someone reason just never dial) and we can pick right back up when we see each other.  I was so excited yesterday to get to spend the day with her!  We did some shopping, where I got some great deals (!) and hit up Panera for lunch.  I love Panera.  I had never had it until I was in college and they deserve major props for voluntarily listing their calories on their menu.  Right up there for all of the world to see!  My favorite combo used to be half Turkey Bacon Bravo (with extra bravo sauce) and a cup of broccoli cheddar with a baguette.  And I thought that was a good choice.  Well, it an was better than getting a whole-stuff-you-face-with-12-lbs-of-meats kind of sandwich, but still not a really good choice.  These days, it's a cup of broccoli cheddar and a half salad.  Yeah, broccoli cheddar still isn't probably the best choices of the soups, but I have to enjoy what I'm eating!  Has anyone tried their Thai chicken salad?  Delish.  Yum.  Hoorah!  Now here's the kicker all you Panera eaters...that baguette?  The chewy, bready, delicious log that goes so well in your soup?  It's 200 calories!  Of refined white carbs!  Skip it.  Go with an apple, you'll be happy you did :)  Those are my orders.  Ready go.

Chelsey, the artsy pants of this relationship, has recently been pumping out bags/purses and flaunting them around Facebook for all to see.  Two birthdays ago, I was gifted the promise of a clutch.  The clutch never came to be...but when the purses started to arise, I decided that 2 years of craft interest on a clutch is about equal to one purse.  Agree?  Agree.  So off to JoAnn's!  Twenty five minutes in the check-out line and 3.92 million digits later (coupon codes, who pays full price?!?!) we had my fabric for my bag.  Can't wait!

Super cute vintage buttons accompanied as well

The night ended with 1.5432 hours in the car with roomie sitting in traffic trying to get to the Pirate game, being fed up with traffic, parking at Consol to get out of traffic sooner, booking it across town to meet up with Keefer and Brudder, checking in at the tailgate through my work, and finally calming down a bit to grab some grub.  Two hot dogs a hot dog and two heaping plate fulls of watermelon based fruit salad (sooo refreshing!) and we were ready to get to our seats.  A reasonable $12 got us an all you can eat tailgate and tickets to the game on a free shirt friday.  Not a bad deal!  It pays to be cheap and sit in peanut heaven sometimes; we were under the awning during the rain :)

Love me some 'Cutch!

Thanks for sending the pick Rooms!

Fun was had by all and the cotton candy man is definitely trying to fill Kenny the Lemonade man's shoes after his passing.

Today's lesson learned:
Most restaurants will provide nutritional information online or upon request, but only cool, awesome, fantastic restaurants voluntarily plaster it up on their menu for the world to see.  Rock on.


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