Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Doesn't Have to be Glamorous

Hi there!

Knowing today was going to start with work from 7am-3pm, a physical appointment at 4, and yoga at 5:30 (group fitness, it fits in your schedule!), I had to make sure I had everything packed and ready to go.  That included a change of clothes and most importantly, my food.  I work at a mall.  Do you know what else is at the mall?  The food court.  Auntie Ann's. Etc.  Guess what I shouldn't be eating?  The food court.  Auntie Ann's.  Etc.  If you plan ahead and pack ahead, you'll be a lot less tempted to binge at the food court, you'll save money, and feel better about yourself!  Here is how today's packing went:

Stop it.  Stop making fun of my lunch.  I know, it looks ridiculous, doesn't it?  Where is all of the glamorous, delicious looking food?  What even IS all of that?  Glad you asked!  Since I get an hour lunch and a 15 minute break, plus I needed something to eat after work and snack before the gym, I had a lot of packing to do; plus make breakfast!

From left to right:  fresh cherries, chili peans, lemon balance bar, smores Z bar, lunch roll up ingredients (discussed later), and my breakfast.  On top is a frozen yogurt sqqqqquuiiissshher and a bottle of water that I filled and drank about 6 times today.  Well hello potty, yes, we are best friends.  FYI:  You know you're drinking enough water when your pee looks like lemonade...it should NOT look like apple juice  :)

Yeah, it's a mish mash of stuff, but you know what?  I looked forward to every part of it and that is what is most important.  I looked forward to my 15 minute break when I got eat my yummy chili peas instead of meadering around the mall and randomly getting a pretzel.  I looked forward to lunch when I got to try a new experimental food of mine...are you ready for it?  It's the inspiration for the title of this post...ready...don't be scared...here it comes...

Chicken Sausage Roll Up!

Ok ok, I know...ew.  Say it.  I know you're thinking it.  But it's ok, you can judge me.  Guess what though?  It was delicious!  No, it doesn't look great, no it's not on a fancy, pretty plate, no the picture is not top quality.  What matters here is that it was a healthy choice: a jalapeno chicken sausage (free of nitrates and nitrites), lite Muenster cheese, and lower carb, whole wheat tortilla.  Cook sausage for 1 minute in the microwave, remove it, place cheese on tortilla, microwave for a a minute to melt cheese, add sausage, roll it up!  See how gooey the cheeeeeeeese is?  I'm starting to change you're mind, aren't I?!  It was accompanied by the cherries and lunch was definitely enjoyed.

My squiiiissshhher stayed in the freezer at work for another day, I wanted it for the taste, but was full...so I decided to save it.  

So after work, which went by quite quickly because I was working truck today and got to hide in the back, away from customers, and just process stuff all day, I headed to el doctor! A basic physical was on the agenda...blood pressure was great, my resting heart rate is 50 (athletic category!), and I'm overall a healthy gal.  w00t!  I requested blood work to check on my cholesterol and such just because I've never had it checked and there is a first time for everything.  Plus we aren't sure if I've ever had the chicken pox.  Yikes.  So that will be checked in my blood too.  Here is the best part though; they weighed me and entered it on my chart.  I of course then asked what it was last year when I was there, and there was a 30lb difference!  My doctor was not nearly as stoked as me, but I guess she falls into that one category I talked about in my Journey.

From the doctor to the gym for yoga, 1.5 mile run on the treadmill while waiting for spin to start, then finally spinning with momsy and brudder.  Gym buddies!  I can tell I'm starting to wear down a bit, but that's ok...I have a planned rest day tomorrow that I get to spend with Keefer!  <3

Came home, made a chocolate strawberry protein smoothie and enjoyed its creamy goodness while chatting away with Keefer before he heads in to work.  He may or may not have complained about my crunchy multi-grain cheerios that I enjoyed in my bowl-style smoothie.  Whoops  :P

Today's lesson learned:
Don't worry about how something looks, how it's packaged, what it's served on, or anything of the sort.  If it's a good choice, it tastes awesome, and it will make you feel great about your self; EAT IT!  Yeah, my lunch got some weird looks from my manager who I shared a lunch break with, but guess what, I didn't care!  I rocked it, loved it, and devoured it.   And will probably repeat the lunch again tomorrow.  Score.


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